Bath Festival Party in the City 2020

From 15 May 2020 17:00 until 15 May 2020 19:00

 barrysingingThis will be our 6th year playing at Bath Festival Party in the City.   We've visited a range of amazing venues over the years, including Holbourne Museum, No1 Royal Crescent and the Love Lounge at the Old Bell! 

The evening starts at 5pm and will be hosted by Bristol poet David Punter (below) who will be kicking off the evening with a set from Bath's popular 4-man band Now and Then, singing well-loved songs in singalong style.  Very tuneful and varied repertoire of old and new favourites!

davidportraitThe second half will include a set of lyrical folk-rock songs from Barry Lane and the Fridge Mechanics featuring Barry Lane (vox/guitar), Rich Godfrey (guitar/keys), Celia Duplock (vox), Evie Rainey (vox), Glyn Owen (percussion), Paul Meagre (fiddle) and Jon Attree (bass).  Our set will include some poems and readings from David Punter

Should be a rich and varied evening of music and poetry performed in a great venue, just off Queen's Square, in the middle of Bath.