Live with Friends CD

How this CD came into being!

This CD text was written by David Waine, who sang on most the songs on the CD.  He, sadly, died on August 4th 2021.   He is pictured second top left on his own and on the bottom left singing with Barry and Debbie.   He is on the left.

Front Cover

The autumn of 1968 brought Barry and David together when they first met at Borough Road Teacher Training College in West London. With a shared love of music, they soon began writing together and playing in the college folk club on a Friday evening.   Along the way, others joined in.

Debbie added the missing third harmony line and the good looks and, on occasions, Rick complimented the sound with some great percussion. For reasons to do with excess caffeine, a typewriter and several thousand words on enlightenment, the name Tipper, Lopper and Rudy emerged from a small flat above a car showroom in Hounslow. At the time it was just David and Barry and trying to explain all of that to an expectant crowd at the White Bear folk club proved too complicated. The name was changed to T.L.R and the rest could have been history,


 The adventure lasted several years. Debbie left the band and was replaced by John (an old school friend of David) who brought an extraordinary voice with him as well as the ability to write great songs. T.L.R was always surrounded by great friends who followed them wherever they played whether it was the local folk club, Kingston University with Richard and Linda Thompson, Headlining at the Half Moon or supporting Lindisfarne at Imperial College. Eventually being a grown-up got in the way and band members went their own way.

Much of the music became hazy memories until Mr Dann decided to sort out his loft in lockdown. There he came across a selection of tapes and cassettes that brought those memories back to life. Some were studio recordings, others recorded on a cassette at the back of a hall. For those of us involved it rekindled a time when friendship, music and dreaming were central to all our lives. This CD is just a small reminder of those days. We hope you enjoy these memories as much as we did when we made them.

Special thanks must go to Miranda Ward who tried valiantly to manage us and fit us into satin jackets and to Mr (David) Dann who acted as cheerleader and unofficial band manager throughout it all. Love and great thanks also go to Sarah, Keith & Helen, Mint, Chis & Gill, Gabrielle, Katie, Trish, Liz, Wendy without whom the adventure would have been far less fun!

Written Autumn 2021

In memory of Sarah White (2017), Miranda Ward (2019) and David Waine (2021)

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