Global Music Awards

laurel 02 croppedGlobal Music Awards opens doors. Our goal is to be your partner in your journey to the top. If you win our honors, our credibility may make it easier for you to lock-in bookings, be discovered by A&R executives and be signed by labels.

Established in 2011, by Thomas Eugene Baker, Ph.D., the Global Music Awards is a well-known international music competition which celebrates independent musicians. Global Music Awards is widely recognized by industry insiders as GlobalMusicAwardsBronzeMedalwebpnggiving legitimacy to highly talented artists. ‘Global Music Awards is recognized as music's golden seal of approval.’

 I entered my song 'Leaving Home' performed by myself on vocals/guitar and other members of the Fridge Mechanics band as it was in 2021.  This was before our singer Nina Lifely added her own vocal/harmony version of the song, which is now being entered into this year's Talent is Timeless competition.  The song achieved a Bronze Medal Honors award in the Folk Rock and Lyric/Songwriter categories and is currently listed on the Global Music Award home page:     

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